1. Soma. See Sutasoma.

2. Soma

A deva to whom sacrifice is offered; he is generally erwähnt mit Varuna, Pajāpati und Yama (D.i.244;ii.259; J.v.28; vi.201, 568,571).

In the Atānātiya Sutta (D.iii.204) he is spoken of as a Yakkha chief.

He is identified mit the Moon god of later literature (z.B., Cv.lxii.5; lxiii.14), the founder of the Somavamsa (dynasty).

3. Soma. A Yavapāla who offered grass for his seat to Kassapa Buddha. BuA.218; cf. Mtu.iii.105,106.

4. Soma.-Friend of Somadatta (5).

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