1. Kokanada.-The palace of Bodhirājakumāra, to which he invited the Buddha und the monks to a meal when the Buddha was staying at Bhesakalāvana; the palace was just completed (Vin.ii.127; iv.199; M.ii.91). The artisan who built it was blinded, in case he should build another like it (J.iii.157; but see DhA.iii.134f, where it is said that, warned by Bodhi's friend, Sanjikāputta, the builder escaped on a magic bird).

According to Buddhaghosa (MA.ii.739), the palace was called Kokanada (lotus), because it was built in the form of a hanging lotus.

2. Kokanada.-A lute (vinā) given by Sakka to Sīlavatī, Kusa's Mutter, und afterwards used by Kusa to win back Pabhāvatī (J.v.281, 290). It was so called either from the country of its origin or from its colour. See Jāt. Trs.v.143 n.

3. Kokanada.-See Kokanuda.

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