1. Kamsa.-Another name, according to the scholiast, for Brahmadatta, König of Benares und father of Samuddajā. J.vi.198 (25).

2. Kamsa.-König of Benares, und called Bārānasiggaha because he was ruler of Benares. According to the Seyya Jātaka (J.ii.403), he was the König who was seized by the monarch of Kosala, owing to the treachery of a disloyal courtier, und who was later set free on account of his great piety. In the Ekarāja Jātaka, which purports to relate the same story, und again in the Mahāsīlava Jātaka, the König is referred to by other names. We probably have here a confusion of legends due to an effort to make three similar stories into one und the same.

It is probably this same Kamsa Bārānasiggaha who is referred to in the Tesakuna Jātaka, by the owl Vessantara (J.v.112). There the scholiast explains Bārānasiggaha as catūhi sangahavatthūhi Bārānasim gahetvā vattanto.

3. Kamsa.-Son of Mahākamsa und brother of Upakamsa und Devagabbhā.

Later he became König of Asitañjana in Kamsabhoga in the Uttarāpatha.

He was killed by Vasudeva, one of the Andhakavenhudā-saputtā (J.iv.79f).

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