Pasenadi visits the Buddha at the Deer Park in Kannakatthala und conveys to him the greetings of his two queens Somā und Sakulā.


He then enquired of the Buddha if it were true that, according to him, no recluse or brahmin could claim absolute knowledge und insight. The Buddha explains that his teaching is that no one can know und see everything at one und the same time.


Der König proceeds to ask whether there is any distinction of caste in the matter of deliverance und whether there are any gods.


Vidūdabha und Ananda join in the discussion, und then Sañjaya ākāsagotta, charged mit having spread a wrong interpretation of the Buddha's teaching, is announced und lays the blame on Vidūdabha. The arrival of the König's chariot puts an end to the dispute (M.ii.125ff).

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